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What's new in HIRE?

November 2017: Another MA dot2 lighting desk! This time, it's the base model known as the Core. Also, another touch-screen monitor to go with the dot2. And 2 more WDMX receivers. Plus another 15m length of LED Festoon. (Another good month for new toys!)

October 2017: 2 of the amazingly bright Robe Strobes. Also, 2 of the Robe ParFect S1 LED static spotlights.

September 2017: Even more of the 100W LED Fresnels. (Up to 16 now.) That's all.

August 2017: More of the Chauvet 50W LED Profiles. And a couple of Robe's flagship wash-lights - the Spiider. Fabulous!

July 2017: More of the 100W LED Fresnels. (That's 12 now.) A new 50W LED profile from Chauvet that's as bright as a 500W incandescent - amazing! Plus some DMX adapters (5pin XLR to RJ45) to run DMX over Cat5.

June 2017: 4 more 100W LED Fresnels. 2 more 100W LED profiles. 2 more ETC ColorSource spots, and 4 more zoom lenses. 2 more COREparUV lights. Another Strobe Ignitor. And a modern twist on a classic - Festoon lighting using RGB LED lamps. (All in all, a HUGE month for new toys!)

May 2017: Nothing new. (Too busy with school musicals!)

April 2017: 4 more of my favourite Robe MiniPointes. (Yay!) A 10-degree lens and drop-in iris to suit the ETC ColorSource spots. (Think instant followspot!)

March 2017: A pair of 100W (warm-white) LED Fresnels. (Not much - I've been on holiday for most of the month!)

February 2017: A couple of half-metre Flat Truss pieces. An ETC Gadget II (USB to DMX interface). That's all.

January 2017: A couple of RGBW LED pinspots. Another WDMX transmitter. A couple of 200W LED Fresnels - one in Warm-White, and one in RGBW.

December 2016: A new model washlight, the TourCob, an RGBW 60-degree LED light. Plus 2 more ETC ColorSource spots. And 4 more of the fabulous Robe MiniPointes. (A busy month!)