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What's new in HIRE?

January/February 2023: Nothing new 'cause I've been away on holidays!

December 2022: Another Robe Viva CMY moving light. 4 more Intimidator Spot 360 moving lights. 12 of the Freedom Flex battery-operated uplights (in 2 charging roadcases). Lots of new toys! Merry Christmas me!

November 2022: Some variable-white floodlights, in both 50W and 100W sizes.

October 2022: Some more arch-coupler clamps. That's all. (Not very exciting...)

September 2022: More lenses for the profile spots (26 & 36 degrees). More alloy scaff-clamps (double couplers).

August 2022: Nothing new again! I want to buy something, but I can't decide what.... (I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure!)

July 2022: Nothing new this month. (Spent all my money last month!)

June 2022: 16 of the Beamz MHL740 moving wash lights. (Lots of new toys!)

May 2022: More 36-degree lenses for the profile spots. That's all.

April 2022: Another month with nothing new! (What's going on?)

March 2022: No new toys this month. (Can't really blame Covid.....think I'll blame the war in Ukraine!)